Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One, More

Warms my heart
To see the love in bloom
Steals my heart
Is what the grim reaper cannot do
True love
A world of possibilities
A question of was it meant to be
Will there be only one, who I fall in love with
Will it be the first one
The sooner we meet
The more memories we will build together.
Surrounded with a shroud of mystery
Is true love an ultimate testimony of only two people in one life?
Or does love come more than once?
Is it wrong or right to hide your soul to only one other?
To let my body take over and feed on another?
The tradition has set in
The words have been engrained
The pictures are burned in my mind.
And I look upon it all in love.
I look upon it and my eyes shine
My heart opens
At the possibility of being able to open up to one, more.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hungry For The Hearts

Where’s my Romeo
Someone to be my anywhere homie-o
I wanna hear a clap of thunder when you walk in the room
Stars shoot up send me flying to the moon

I could speak all day about the life you’d give to me
But the only thing I want is you next to me

Each day I reach into my pockets but all I see
Money, Fame, and Glamour baby that aint me
We could reach into our hearts and pull out everything we need
Cuz love is all that matters when your heart can finally feed

Monday Tuesday days go by
Wednesday Thursday cars drive on
Friday Saturday Sunday the weekend takes me nowhere when I can’t knock on your door

These meals are feeding bodies but they need so much more
We’re hungry for the hearts hearts that beat and want to roar

I’ll swim across the ocean
I’ll run through burning coals
I’ll starve my body lock it up
The one I want is also poor

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Way Through The Night

Sometimes a little sunshine is all I need to come my way
There’s a flood of darkness stirring above my skies on frequent days
But I know there’s always a rainbow waiting to release the fallen grace
Clouds that swirl dance in my mind
I believe the silver lining is just a footstep away from lighting my next move
The lightning flashes and the thunder rolls through
But they just make the beat louder for the disco ball and flashdance moves
My hands fill the air and my chin lifts towards the moon
The stars make me feel like I’m sparkling like pool surfaces in June
No need to close your window
Let the wind sweep you off your feet and exit the room
There’s a party in the street
The world is waiting for you to dance in the dark and follow your groove
I can count the blessings in my life
Remember the places I’ve been
And the sway of my hips will tell the story with every clap of reverberance
Shadows will exit from the ground that you stride
They can’t find their way the way I’m finding myself tonight

Fashions come and go
But my passion never dies
It’s the light that gives me hope
Gives me spirit through these nights
Smiles come and go
But love is all around
When hate has found its crevices
The earth knows how to wash it away
I have a hard time going to sleep at night
The stillness isn’t familiar
I’m a man of mental fluidity
Like Jane Austen conversing with elites

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Words are our outright melody and no one else is going to play the songs you feel but yourself. Let me be more esoteric....just kidding. You may ask when reading my poetry, why do I use metaphors so often? After thinking that through, I honestly don't know why. My guess would be that language, though freeing, can also be restrictive. Especially in terms of expressing ourselves in attempt to understand ourselves. I, personally, get stuck in gears sometimes and I like to expand and break through traditional understanding of the concept at hand. I like to read what I'm feeling in different forms, and see if the language can lossen up more.