Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eyes of Tigers

Eyes of Tigers
Heart like a weapon
That swooped in
mirrored my soul

I foolishly let go of my consciousness
And fell into your sight
Your innocent demeanor keeps my attention
As your words devour my breath

Breath in, I must, to stay awake
And to make my own swooping
I bat my eyes and play it cool
But, your presence near, makes it hard not to feel hot

I breath in, again
I remember this is only the beginning, and if temperatures are bound to rise, I must blow on the waters to stay in slow mode

We spark a connection, and we see where it goes. Though my heart is racing, I can feel us both glow
Cheek to cheek, we sway with the mood
Nothing else survives
When, I look into those tiger eyes -

Just dancing here, and holding tight
I don’t want to let go - of this time, we caught - tonight

(written Oct 29, 2009)

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Words are our outright melody and no one else is going to play the songs you feel but yourself. Let me be more esoteric....just kidding. You may ask when reading my poetry, why do I use metaphors so often? After thinking that through, I honestly don't know why. My guess would be that language, though freeing, can also be restrictive. Especially in terms of expressing ourselves in attempt to understand ourselves. I, personally, get stuck in gears sometimes and I like to expand and break through traditional understanding of the concept at hand. I like to read what I'm feeling in different forms, and see if the language can lossen up more.