Saturday, September 24, 2011

DJ Kaos "Love The Night Away" (Tiedye HQ mix)

Your Everything

Don’t wanna be your in-between
I wanna be your everything

Don’t leave me hanging on the phone
Or forget about me on the dance floor
I’m growing every day
Take a spot in this sun and let’s grow old

I’m not gunna play games
Say ‘no’ when I mean ‘yes’
I tell it like it is
I want love in ways that don’t exist

I get lonesome at night
But not like you would think
I can hold my own ground
I just want someone to kiss

We’ll find love in far off places
Hear songs in brand new ways
I wanna listen closely to your body
Speak to you in forms of waves

There’s a place in heaven for lovers
Love is the wings
A fairy tale for dreamers
Angels are just lovers in former lives

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wade Robson (Choreographer) / Ben Susak & Pam Chu (Dancers) / Song: John Mayer "Burning Room"

Billy Bell (Choreographer & Dancer) / Song: The Cinematic Orchestra "To Build A Home"


Steps without you seem so loud
Because I miss your voice
Your whisper in the crowd

Tell me what you did today
What went through your mind
Mine was lost and fruitless
Wishing I had made a promise, to keep you mine

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Words are our outright melody and no one else is going to play the songs you feel but yourself. Let me be more esoteric....just kidding. You may ask when reading my poetry, why do I use metaphors so often? After thinking that through, I honestly don't know why. My guess would be that language, though freeing, can also be restrictive. Especially in terms of expressing ourselves in attempt to understand ourselves. I, personally, get stuck in gears sometimes and I like to expand and break through traditional understanding of the concept at hand. I like to read what I'm feeling in different forms, and see if the language can lossen up more.